Social media should be part of any business’s digital marketing startegy. It is a key way to share content, build links, and drive engagement.

However, you are missing out on the full potential of social media if you are only using it for organic traffic.

Social ads allow you to reach even more of your audience, often at a low cost. You can then turn these users into followers and continue marketing to them.

Facebook is by far the most popular place for social media marketing.


A eMarketer survey found that 96% of social media marketers consider Facebook the best social media platform for ROI. This is across the board for both B2C and B2B companies.


Not only do the people you want to target have accounts on Facebook, they spend an average of 50 minutes per day on the platform and visit it at least 14 times per day.

More than 2.2 billion users have an account and 1.55 billion users access the platform.


Advertising on Facebook can cost however much you want. You set your budget from the start, and Facebook stops showing your ad when you hit this amount. The higher your budget, the more users you will reach.


Facebook has a wealth of information about its users. You can benefit from this by targeting just the people who are most likely to become your customers.

The platform allows you to specify criteria like age, gender, location, job title, industry, marital status, and interests.

You also have the option to filter by connections (for instance, friends of users who already like your page) and behaviour, which includes recent purchases and like events.

Another targeting option is to use lookalike audiences. These are made up of users similar to your current audience, meaning there is no need to guess demographics if you lack this information.


The first step to creating an effective project plan is to set a baseline. The baseline is the foundation on which the other project elements will be built on. This must include a scope statement.

Start by identifying what business need the project aims to address and how the company will benefit from the project. Then create milestones as appropriate to the size of the project.

We work to a set of Key Performance Indicators to help us maintain optimal performance and identify which areas of the campaign need addressing.

We do this by regularly monitoring and assessing performance against the KPI’s to ensure that the Ad relevance. Cost Per Click, Click Through Rate and Cost Per Lead are performing against our benchmark levels.

Case Studies

Bodyvie Medi-Clinic in Richmond launched a new fat reducing laser treatment in the summer of 2018.

They asked us to run as month-long campaign to promote the service to generate new users.

The laser machine was state-of-the-art technology and attacted a premium price as a result.

The campaign managed to yeild 36 leads costing £304.84 in ad spend but giving Bodyvie a profit of £12,000 from one campaign; a 3947% return on investment.

Sunekos is a revolutionary anti wrinkle injectable treatment that uses natural ingredients. We were asked to run a B2B launch campaign targeting clinic owners.

We were subsequently asked to promote Sunekos to end consumers with a call to action for them to contact their clinic.

The campaign resulted in over 500 customers contacting Sunekos registered practitioners at a cost per lead of £1.09 over one month.


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