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The short answer? Get you lots more clients to grow your practice! But is this course for you?

This course is designed to help you if:

  • You're a practice owner but don't know what, where or how to market
  • You're frustrated because you know you are better than your competitors but they have more clients
  • You are fed up wasting time, money and effort on promoting your services but getting no return
  • All your efforts in the past have left you feeling soul-destroyed
  • You're don't want to try anything new because you're scared it won't work
  • You don't want to fail
  • The whole online thing leaves you feeling cold and gives you no sense of accomplishment or achievement

I’ve worked with so many people who did not see the value of Facebook Ads. They’d tell me they tried them but they didn’t work.

  • People that boosted a post and thought that was what a Facebook ad was.
  • People that had set up a Facebook Ad and didn’t define their audience.
  • People who had run one ad to one audience and let it run without split testing it.
  • All of them got fed up after a few weeks.
  • All of them thinking Facebook Ads is a waste of money.

Here’s the thing – Facebook Ads DO work.

But only if you know what you’re doing.

If you are serious about Facebook Ads then the money you will save on wasted ads alone will more than cover your investment in this training.

As Derek Bok, president of Harvard University once said “If you think education is expensive – try ignorance”

In this course, I share my screen with you and take you step-by-step to show you how to set up your very own lead generation machine so the clients that you want will be automatically contacting you;  requesting consultations without you having to do anything  - leaving you free to do what you do best.

The course is broken down into short, easily digestible videos showing you the what, why and how in plain and simple language - no techy jargon.

There's supporting content in the form of templates, links, articles and guides.

And you get further support with weekly live calls with me and support from our course community.

And it's CPD certified so you know it's been well designed plus it will help contribute towards your CPD targets.

This is the exact system that we have successfully used to get our clients  hundreds and thousands of leads.

Facebook advertising is a very powerful tool and once you know how to use it properly you will be able to control how many clients you have coming into your business –effectively turning the flow of clients on and off like a tap as and when you need to do so.