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Jemma Edwards, Founder of Delivering Demand, speaking at a national conference for medical professionals, Summer 2019

Who We Work With

Cosmetic Surgeons & Skincare Brands
Aesthetics Clinics & Industry Suppliers

why work with DELIVERING DEMAND?

We are a small agency that focus only on the medical / aesthetics niche.

Our background is in this industry so we understand our market; which is why our clients range from plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists, aesthetic clinics through to national aesthetics suppliers and international skincare brands.

We pride ourselves on our bespoke approach to create the most effective
campaigns for your business.

Our success in running campaigns stems not only from years of experience but also from the knowledge that continuous review and active management is needed to ensure an account is running at maximum efficiency.

Our campaigns are intended to drive relevant, targeted and measurable leads to your business for you to ultimately convert into patients.

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why work with DELIVERING DEMAND?

We have a full range of services to help you grow your practice.

Google Ads

Facebook Ads

Local SEO

Omni Marketing

Social Media

Messenger Bots

client love

Back in 2017, Medfx had no social media presence to speak of. Since working with Delivering Demand, they've opened my eyes to the power of advertising on social media and this has been key to the significant growth we have experienced, both in terms of sales and levels of customer engagement - especially through Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

We use Delivering Demand for all of our social media work and they have been instrumental behind the marketing activity for recent successful product launches such as Sunekos and BioRePeel - a lot of which took place on social media.

Having run her own aesthetics business, Jemma knows the market that we work in and this immediately gives us an advantage when we are communicating new products or training courses.

Delivering Demand have expert insights into the world of digital marketing and the value they continue to provide Medfx is why I am happy to endorse their digital advertising and social media management services and the social media training they run for Medfx clients to help their businesses grow.

David Tweedale – Head of Medfx
We are a medical aesthetics clinic in London. We worked with Jemma from Delivering Demand on a campaign for Bodyvie sculpting to launch one of our new devices. Just to go through some figures; we popped it on a Facebook campaign, £750 as a launch offer per session. 

We were really surprised how many leads we got through. We had 36 enquiries of which 16 were conversions, so doing some simple maths was about £12,000 to the business. So we were really happy as you could imagine. Thoroughly, thoroughly recommend them. Great company to work with and we continue to work with them and have lots of new campaigns under way.

Natalie Leake – Bodyvie
Delivering Demand are able to produce the right campaigns that get the right message across to the right audience. I like that they provide regular performance reports that allow you to measure the effectiveness of campaigns and check that you’re getting a decent ROI.

Kelly Ward

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