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How To Create Beautiful Social Media Images

Making beautiful visual content that you can share with your patients on your social media platforms has actually never been easier.

Creating your own styled graphics and infographics is actually the perfect way to stand out, considering people are more likely to share content that has amazing imagery.

It will also make your website rank higher on Google search results.

Another reason why you should use graphics is that people spend 100% more time on pages that have photos.

Have you ever wondered how some clinics just have such brilliant marketing?

They’re probably spending a fortune, right?

Wrong! I’m going to show you a few tools you can use to create amazing images.


This is a free tool that we cannot live without due to the quality of services that it offers!

It’s a free marketing tool that offers great value and can be compared to services that are offered by paid tools.

We do pay for Canva as we use the Pro version but the free version should be good enough for you to start with.

You can use Canva to create different kinds of social media posts.

For instance, you can create Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram posts.

You can choose from lots of different free images and backgrounds.

You are likely to find what you need, But even if you don’t, you can buy high-quality 99p images each.


If you search for images on Google you’ll see you have just about every image possible appear.

But be careful as most images are licensed and not free to use. If you use an licensed image on Google you could get a fine through the post from whoever that image belongs to. Most companies make more money in fining people than they do from selling the actual images.

One way to make sure you can use the image is to do this. Go into google and select “settings” then click on “Advanced Search” Go to “Usage Rights” and select “Free to Use, Share or Modify, even commercially” this will then filter the images you are allowed to use for free.


You can use Ripl to create customised designs and animated collages and even slideshows.

You can use the basic version for free which provides 8 template designs to choose from.

If you want all the extra features that this app offers, full-feature access to all their designs, then you will have to pay $9.99 a month.

Once you pay the required amount, you will have access to their entire music selection, their designs, and different font types.

You will even be able to schedule your posts and add your logo to your designs.


Social media posts that have high-quality images tend to have better engagement rates and get more clicks and comments on them.

However, it can be quite challenging to find high-quality images to use on a regular basis.

The perfect place to do this is to head over to the Shutterstock and choose an image that you want to use.

You can use them as they are, or you can edit them.