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How Can Clinics Turn Leads Into Actual Bookings?

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If you are struggling to turn leads into actual bookings, it can be frustrating. Especially when you know that there are plenty of people in your local area who are interested in trying out some of your top treatments and services. So, what’s happening? Why are they not converting into a name in your diary and money in your bank?

You might think that this is down to poor quality leads, but actually that’s not always the case. And, while we can’t guarantee every lead will turn into a booking, with a little nurturing you can boost your conversion rate and start to see real results from the advertising spend you are investing.

What can you do to help turn leads into bookings?

There are some key things that you as a clinic owner or manager can do to help with this. Here’s our top 5 ways to turn leads into actual bookings.

1. Call them back within 5 minutes

The key is to jump straight on to the lead and get in touch with them as soon as it comes through. This way it’s still fresh in their mind and they are more likely to follow through with confirming an appointment.  

2. Call them at least 10 times over the next 5 days

It’s unlikely your lead will answer first time around especially if the call is an unknown number. Try and call the lead back twice a day for the next 5 days as you are most likely to get hold of them this way. It helps if you leave a message as this way they will start to recognise the number and realise it is the clinic they have connected with already via an advert or Google search.

3. Call them at different times of the day 

We’ve all been there, scrolling through social media late at night and we see something we want to book so we register our interest. But then when morning comes, we go off to our jobs or daily routine and other things take priority. It’s no different with your potential customers so try and alter the times when you do call them, as they could be at work or busy with other appointments and tasks.

4. Send them text and email nurture messages 

If you’re not comfortable with calling regularly, you can send a text or email as well to let the client know that you know they are interested in the treatment! Sending an instant text once they have been registered as a lead is a good way to start the communication and another way to prompt them to book. If they don’t respond you can always send them another to remind them of the offer they are potentially missing out on!

5. Always provide a link for them to book online 

One of the best ways to guarantee appointments is to always provide a link to book within all your communication. Not only does it make their (and your) life easier, it is giving them a clear and quick action to quickly make that initial booking.

And remember, once you have the booking, don’t forget to continue to nurture your new client. Send them a reminder about their appointment and offer them other deals and promotions to go along with it. The more they feel they are getting for their custom, the more loyalty they are likely to show and potentially book for other services you offer.

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