Reach Aesthetics and Wellbeing Clinic (also known as RPA Clinic) was formed by a team of Pharmacists based in Glasgow.
They provide a range of aesthetics treatments from anti-ageing through to hair loss solutions.
They had been exploring the idea of working with a lead generation specialist for some time and it was several months after our initial phone meeting that we actually started to work together.
RPA had no clear strategy for obtaining new clients. Like a lot of well-established, respectable clinics, they tended to get their clients through word-of-mouth referrals.
So they had been getting a fairly steady trickle of new clients and as such, they didn’t feel that getting more clients was an urgent problem for them.
However, they also knew they weren’t making the most of their clinic as they had the capacity to take on a lot more new clients.
And they knew that relying on word of mouth alone wasn’t going to fill their appointment slots. 
So we initiated a social media ad campaign with an offer for skin booster treatments. The objective was simply to encourage the potential customer to respond to the offer and make contact with the clinic.
As we work with a lot of clinics we know which approach to take for each campaign; so for RPA, we ran a selection of ads at the same time all with the same offer but each one using different creatives to test which ones would resonate best with the audience we were targeting.
Because we monitor the performance of the ads on a daily basis we were able to optimise the campaign budget so that the best performing ads would be shown more.
The campaign went on to generate 334 leads over a 6 week period, giving RPA a fantastic boost of new clients in a short time period.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you the same way we did for RPA, please book a call with one of our team today.