Before Unico Aesthetics began working with us, they were struggling to get new leads via the agency they were using.

After transferring management of their account over to us, Unico received over 800 new leads in their first two months.

So how can one agency struggle to get leads whereas another can achieve over 800?

Read on to see how we helped Unico.

The first thing we did was to understand what they wanted to achieve and then set a strategy to help them get there.

For Unico, they were concerned about a competitor setting up nearby.

So we advised a high-value, “no-brainer” offer that would attract as much attention away from the competition and towards their own treatments.

When we put the campaign together, we decided to use images and videos of the actual treatment they wanted to promote.

Having run countless campaigns on aesthetic treatments, we know which techniques convert best of all and when you can use a stock image (for example) and when real-life images or videos might be better.

We also used ‘direct response’ ad copy. This means that the copy is written in such a way so as to elicit direct action from the reader.

Copy length and format are also important. So for this campaign, we used an attention-grabbing headline accompanied by short, bullet-points to concisely maintain reader engagement.

We know the profile of the ideal customer for the treatments Unico was looking to run – so we targeted only those people that matched our tried and tested criteria within a sensible radius for their location.

We initiated a lead notification system so that Unico management is immediately notified of a new lead the second it happens.

At the same time, this new lead is automatically added to their Mailchimp database and receives an email from Unico acknowledging their interest and urging them to make contact with them to book their appointment.

Finally, having learned that Unico had never previously been given access to their ad campaign performance, we ensured that they can see exactly what we do.

To ensure Unico is clear about campaign progress, our Account Manager holds regular video/phone calls with them to go through the performance metrics and discuss future plans.

We were delighted to be able to turn around Unico’s lead generation for them in such a short space of time and really enjoy working with them.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you the same way we did Unico, please book a quick call with one of our team.