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5 Buying Signals From a Potential Aesthetic Surgery Patient

With the recent holiday season coming to an end, many people will have over-indulged on high calorie foods. Some will adjust their diet and up their exercise but others might find this to be too big a problem and this could be a sign that you have a new patient. Here are 5 signs that the person in front you is looking to having a cosmetic procedure:

1. They’ve done a lot of research over a few weeks

No-one should make the decision to have a cosmetic procedure straight away. Find out if your prospect has checked out the accreditations needed by a properly qualified surgeon and if they are a member of respected organisations (such as BAAPS or ASPS).

2. They already know there will be a period of recovery

A committed patient will already be aware that the plastic surgery experience isn’t over the moment the surgery is completed. They will know how long they will need to take care of themselves afterwards while they are healing and if this this part of the process will take days, weeks or months

3. They’ve tried different alternatives but without success

Most people will have already looked at other, probably cheaper solutions before they decide to investigate cosmetic surgery. Have they tried altering their diet, changing their exercise routine or making other lifestyle changes? If they have and they are still not satisfied, then they will be more likely to seriously consider plastic surgery now.

4. They’ve asked a lot of questions and don’t have any objections

Throughout the consultation with your patient, they will naturally have lots of questions. Once you have explained the full procedure and it’s clear that they understand the process, check to see if they have any further questions. If they don’t have any more and they seem happy with what you have told them, they are more than likely to want to proceed to booking the surgery.

5. They know how much it costs and allocated the money

Although plastic surgery is not as expensive as it used to be, most people don’t budget to have a cosmetic procedure. Few people would voluntarily go into debt to have their appearance operated upon so being financially prepared is a positive sign they are also mentally prepared as well.