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3 Ways to Increase Your Prices

As an aesthetics practitioner, it’s important you keep up with what is often a competitive market. Prices for the latest cosmetic techniques push the industry forward, and keeping up with the pace is something some clinics struggle to do.

Whether you are based in an affluent area or already have a strong customer base, raising your prices isn’t always going to be easy.

However, there are a few ways to increase your treatment prices without losing valuable custom.

1. Create a ‘bundle’ package

By creating a bundle package of your services, you’re including extra value. Sometimes it’s all the extra things we do for clients that can eat away into our time, such as administration and client care. Rather than these eating away at our profits, why not create a bundle cosmetics package? You could throw in something like a goody bag to add extra value. When you create your package, be sure to add in all the details of the treatment, including aftercare, so the customer can see the real value in purchasing a bundle.

Bundle packages tend to comprise of two or more offers. For example, dentists could offer a ‘Smile Package’, which consists of veneers and teeth whitening. The package could be sold at an introductory rate for the first month to encourage sign ups, and then raised to a set fixed price afterwards.

2. Highlight your improved service

If you’re using suppliers that hike their prices, naturally you will need to increase yours. One of the ways you can do this is by detailing all of the ways you provide a great service or product. Got an amazing glycolic peel? Just refurbed your waiting area? All of your products and services can be communicated to maximum effect for clients who may be reluctant to pay more for treatment.

Language is very important when deciding to raise your prices. Including a bulleted list of all of the reasons why a client should buy from you, raises the perceived value in the client’s mind. By including those ‘additional extras’ in your treatment list, you’ll be much more likely to be able to raise your prices easily.

3. Use a marketing refresh

Creating a new booklet, website or brochure for your clinic or treatment centre is one way you can raise prices. Assuming your new marketing collateral is better than previous versions, customers will understand the price increase when they see your new shiny website, or if you give them a revised brochure to look at.

Having new marketing collateral shows the client that you are doing well and you can afford to charge more competitive rates as you are a trusted clinic.

Changing the titles of some of your treatments also changes the perceived value the client will be getting. Include as much of a description as you can for your treatments; the client can then visualise in their mind what they are getting in return for the investment. You could ease the blow of the new price hike by creating an open evening with some canapes and refreshments, and invite previous clients back to view your new treatment list.