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How To Stand Out From Your Competition

Whether it’s demographics, patient experience, insurance, or any other unique aspect of your practice or clinic that patients enjoy, patients need reasons to choose your practice, stay loyal to it and tell all their friends and family about your practice in order to keep growing.

Here are a few ways that you can differentiate your practice from the others; they will give your patients an experience they will delighted with and will readily promote to their friends and family.

It’s often what’s considered the ‘small things’ that cause most patients to go to a competitor.

You’ve no doubt heard this before but you have to ‘wow’ them with your customer service so that they find it impossible to go anywhere else.

Always be on time for your appointments – respect people’s time and try not to overrun.

Provide them with a guarantee to help remove any fears.

Have a range of different teas and coffee for them to choose from.

Give them an Ipad and headphones with music or tv shows while they have their treatment.

Treat all your patients like VIPs – everyone wants to feel like they are your most important patient.

Practices offering amazing customer service make every patient feel this way.

Give some thought to what you can do differently in your clinic or practice to give your patients the VIP experience.

What would you appreciate if you were visiting a dentist for example?

Imagine you were a customer visiting your own practice, how would you judge your own business?

Would you like how you were greeted by the receptionist? Are you greeted with a smile and made to feel welcome?

What about how you treat your out of hours enquiries? Do you leave them to call you back when you’re open or do you let them leave a voicemail and you’ll call them back when you’re ready?

Or have you invested in an automated chatbot that can respond to most of their enquiries, give them the information they’re likely to need, maybe even book an appointment online without them having to speak to someone?

What aftercare services do you provide? Do you hand them a leaflet as they walk out of the door or do you set up an automated aftercare chatbot that issues them with timely text reminders about what they need to do following their treatment?

The value-added ‘small things’ that you might think aren’t necessary or take a lot of effort are what will separate your practice from everyone else’s and will keep them coming back.

So answer honestly, would you be ‘wowed’ by your own business’s approach to customer service if you were one of your customers?