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Top Tips For Growing Your Aesthetic Practice

The biggest marketing mistake most aesthetic businesses make is to spend thousands developing an expensive-looking website. Websites don’t make you money – clients do!

So the best asset any aesthetic practice can have is their list of high-value patients and potential clients who are keen to enhance their appearance.

A patient that knows, trusts and likes you is every practice owners dream.

Fill your database with patients like this and they will be returning to you for further procedures over the years. They will want to learn about all of the age-defying procedures you can introduce them to and they can only do this if they feel you are connected to them.

So here are 10 marketing hints for you to grow your aesthetics practice into the million-dollar business you’ve been working towards:

  • Tip #1: Know the Decision-Making Process that a patient goes through. You can guide your patients towards making the right choices by referring them to others that have been through it before. This will give them the social proof and reassurance of previous successful treatments.
  • Tip #2: Maximise the value of each patient. About one quarter of your patient list would do more business with you if they were aware of the full range of your services. Make sure they know what you have to offer.
  • Tip #3: Focus on the Patients that are Higher-Value. Target those affluent, mature patients and concentrate the majority of your marketing focus (80%) towards them.
  • Tip #4: Show your Patients how important they are to you. You’ve worked so hard to attract that patient yet the main reason your practice never hears from them again isn’t because they aren’t happy with your work or disliked you but because they think you are indifferent towards them.
  • Tip #5: Get them to refer people to you. The majority of all of your new patients should be coming from contacts of your existing patients –approximately 70%.
  • Tip #6: Take the time to make your Aesthetic Patient Feel Special. If you want your patient to connect with you, trust you and continue to give you their business, you need to make them feel special.
  • Tip #7: Get back in touch with patients you have. To connect back with patients you used to have is a lot easier cheaper and faster than getting brand new patients to visit you.
  • Tip #8: Give you Patients the WOW factor. The relationship the patients feels they have with you is THE main factor behind successful Aesthetic medicine.
  • Tip #9: Build Strategic Alliances To Enhance Your Credibility. Third party endorsement from another respected practitioner in a complementary field to their own customers reassures potential patients that you are also credible.
  • Tip #10: Engage in Personal and Timely Communications. Don’t feel like you are intruding; most people will be glad to hear from you especially at specific times of the year.