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The Difference Between Posting on Facebook and Posting on Instagram!

Facebook and Instagram are two out of the top 10 social media platforms.

Facebook has 2.07 billion estimated active monthly users, while Instagram has 800 million.

These two platforms have similarities and differences. So building your business with Instagram or with Facebook might pan out differently.

Facebook has been around much longer than Instagram and therefore has a larger user database than Instagram. As a general rule Facebook is also more popular amongst the older people whilst Instagram is more popular among the younger generation.

It’s not always about your visibility as such, but more about being visible to the right people.

So, it really depends on who your ideal client is as to where you should be concentrating more of your efforts.

A big mistake that companies make is treating Instagram like Facebook. Content that works on Facebook doesn’t always translate well to Instagram. I would recommend testing your content on both Facebook and Instagram to see which platform returns the best performance.

There are benefits to both:

Instagram is generally better for engaging with customers, spreading awareness, showcasing new products/services, comparison shopping, and influencer marketing. Furthermore, Instagram is a powerhouse for the under 30 demographic, especially teenagers.

Facebook, on the other hand, remains the best for visibility with older age groups, even more so if you’re using paid advertisements. It’s also worth noting Facebook makes it easier to funnel users to a third-party site like your website for example.

Instagram prohibits link sharing in posts and comments, and any outside links appear in your bio only; the extra steps required to visit your site make it harder to generate traffic and get leads from Instagram unless they message you.

Because Instagram is very visual, it makes Instagram better for influencer marketing and free exposure; users on Instagram more often sign on actively looking for product recommendations, as opposed to Facebook where they actively ignore them.

So using Instagram influencers or even people in your local area with a large number of followers to spread the word about your treatments or business by offering them a free service.

One strategy that might work well for you is to post your business content like news, offers, new procedures and advice on your Facebook business page and use your Instagram account for posting more personal content for example what you use on your skin and treatments you have, what products you take on holiday etc.

Best ways to use Instagram for the best engagement

1. Use it as your portfolio to showcase you work
2. Use it for more personal content
3. Find some influencers or local people to recommend you